Club Foot was written by Sergio Pizzorno and Christopher Karloff and is the 1st track on Kasabian's debut album. It was released as a single on 10 May 2004 and peaked at #19 in the UK charts. Its reissue, released on 21 March 2005 peaked at #21.


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Club Foot lyrics written by Serge

One of Kasabian's signature tunes, Club Foot was the band's first widespread single release, following the limited releases of Processed Beats and Reason Is Treason. It's about "loving something so much that the only way to deal with it is to kill it."[1]

The single was certified gold in March 2018.[2]


Club Foot is one of the most popular songs and always a part of live sets. During 2004 and 2005 it used to be the last song of the set, later to be replaced by L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever). After 2005, it was often the last song before the encore. Until 2008, Chris and Chris Karloff - and later Chris and Jay - used to swap instruments for the song.

During the 2010 summer tour Club Foot used to end in a longer instrumental outro, and during the Velociraptor! Tour Tom occasionally added a line of The Stooges' I Wanna Be Your Dog to the song. There are some live recordings with a snippet of KRS-One's Sound Of Da Police, sung by Serge at the end.

Noel Gallagher has joined Kasabian twice for live performances of the song, at's 10th birthday party gig in London in September 2006, and at the band's Hogmanay show in Edinburgh on New Year's Eve 2007. At the BBC Electric Proms 2006, Club Foot was one of three songs Zak Starkey joined the band on an additional drum set for. At SVOY Subbotnik Festival in July 2014, Miles Kane joined them for Club Foot.


Kasabian - Club Foot

Kasabian - Club Foot

The Club Foot video was directed by WIZ and shot in an abandoned factory in Budapest in March 2004. It stars Russian actress Dinara Drukarova and is dedicated to Czech student Jan Palach, who commited suicide by self-immolation. However, the dedication was added by WIZ without the band's knowledge.[3]

The video was released on


Jagz Kooner Vocal MixEdit

Jagz Kooner is a British producer well known for his remixes. The remix was released on

Temple of Hell RemixEdit

Also known as the Freelance Hellraiser Remix or Temple of Doom Remix. Created by The Freelance Hellraiser and British DJ Eddy Temple-Morris, who was also responsible for getting Kasabian their very first radio play. The remix was released on

Paradise MixEdit

Released on

Jimmy Douglass MixEdit

Jimmy Douglass is a Grammy-winning American and producer and engineer. The remix was released on

Eddy™ Losers RemixEdit

Also known as the Losers Bootleg Mix, created by William Borez and Eddy Temple-Morris, who is playing the bassline himself.[4] It was released on the Dance Rocks LP Sampler Part 2 compilation.


"We were watching a a Beach Boys documentary and saw they had a great kind of approach to making 'Good Vibrations'. We wanted to approach 'Club Foot' the same way, to mess with the landscape and give the listener something to hold on to."
— Serge (The Morning Call, 17 February 2005)
"It's about love and life. At the time, the war in Iraq had just kicked off and the lyrics aren't about pushing you in one way or another, but just about what was going on at the time, what you'd read in the paper about soldiers being petrol bombed."
— Chris (, 14 April 2005)
"We've got the humour as well. No-one realises, we're calling a song 'Club Foot' and having a song called 'Lab Twat', no-one ever laughs at that. It's the stupidest name but everyone's dead serious about it."
— Serge (NME, 24 November 2007)



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One, take control of me
You're messing with the enemy
Said it's two, it's another trick
Messing with my mind, I wake up

Chase down an empty street
Blinded smack the broken beat
Said it's gone with the dirty trick
It's taken all these days to find you

I tell you I want you
I tell you I need you

Thrills take control of me
Stalking cross the gallery
All these pills got to operate
the coloured grids and all invaders

There it goes again
Take me to the edge again
All I got is a dirty trick
I'm chasing down the wolves to save you

I tell you I want you
I tell you I need you
The blood on my face
I just wanted you near me