Cutt Off

Cutt Off was written by Sergio Pizzorno and Christopher Karloff and is the 10th track on Kasabian's debut album. It was released as a single on 3 January 2005 and peaked at #8 in the UK charts.


The single and album versions of the song are different from each other, the album version featuring a different drum track and an instrumental outro. Kasabian's tour DJ Dan Ralph Martin is playing drums on the track. The song has been described by Serge as "a little story of a man who's gone insane."[1]

An early version of Cutt Off, different from the album version and with slightly different lyrics (now known as the "NME Version") was released on the NME compilation album Rock'N'Roll Riot Vol. 1 Kicking Off! in November 2003.[2]


Cutt Off has always been the part of the setlist for the debut album era and Empire Tour, and during most of the West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum Tour. It was also performed on the UK warm up tour in June 2011, with Serge playing a tambourine during the outro, and several times at the 2011 summer festivals, after which it was dropped for the rest of the Velociraptor! Tour. In September 2014 Kasabian played it for the first time in over three years at iTunes Festival, where they performed their debut album in its entirety to mark the tenth anniversary of its release. A rare acoustic version of Cutt Off was performed in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge on 14 September 2009.


Kasabian - Cutt Off

Kasabian - Cutt Off

The Cutt Off video was directed by Simon and Jon and filmed in New York. It shows people running from an unseen threat, which is eventually revealed to be a flying shark, with only the band seeming unfazed by it. The video was released on the Cutt Off Maxi CD Single.


Mad Action RemixEdit

Mad Action is a US rock band, formerly known as Ty Cobb and currently called The Cobbs, who supported Kasabian on tour in 2004 and 2005. Their bassist Jay Mehler later joined Kasabian on guitar after the departure of Chris Karloff. The remix was released on the Cutt Off 10" Vinyl Single.




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John was a scientist, he was hooked on LSD
Interested in mind control and how the monkey held the key
Said that all of his experiments are what he's planning for the air
It's for the unsuspecting citizens who hallucinate in fear
Sing that

To the back bone
A solar system
These clever convicts

In union station with a package in his hand
Tied to the suspect and chancing where he stand
And I don't think you realise he's coming for your neck
And the sound is breaking all around, he's keeping lives in check

To the back bone
A solar system
These clever convicts

Making his getaway through a punched up mirror
He blend into the crowd and hear the system scream
And all those spies and strikes you hear are clinging to the guns
And if you smell those almonds man, I think you better run

To the back bone
A solar system
These clever convicts