Empire CDDVD Album (PARADISE39) - 1
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Released on 28 August 2006.



  1. Empire
  2. Shoot The Runner
  3. Last Trip (In Flight)
  4. Me Plus One
  5. Sun Rise Light Flies
  6. Apnoea
  7. By My Side
  8. Stuntman
  9. Seek & Destroy
  10. British Legion
  11. The Doberman (with hidden track Rick's Tune)


  1. Empire (Video)
  2. Documentary
  3. Empire (Making of)


Packaged in a flat box containing the two discs in a gatefold sleeve, with original art by Julie Verhoeven on two double-sided cards. The documentary shows the band recording the album at Rockfield Studios as well as shooting the Empire video near Bucharest.

There are two versions of the box: a limited edition numbered release with a red sticker on the cover and an unnumbered one with a green sticker.


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