For Crying Out Loud
Main article: For Crying Out Loud

Released on 10 May 2017.


  1. Ill Ray (The King)
  2. You're In Love With A Psycho
  3. Twentyfourseven
  4. Good Fight
  5. Wasted
  6. Comeback Kid
  7. The Party Never Ends
  8. Are You Looking For Action?
  9. All Through The Night
  10. Sixteen Blocks
  11. Bless This Acid House
  12. Put Your Life On It
  13. Twentyfourseven (Demo)
  14. You're In Love With A Psycho (Demo)
  15. Wasted (Demo)
  16. Bless This Acid House (Demo)
  17. Put Your Life On It (Demo)

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