Ghosts On Crusade

Ghosts On Crusade is a song by The Lysergic Suite, released on their 2010 debut EP by the same name, that features Tom Meighan on lead vocals.


The Lysergic Suite are a band from Leicester and long-time friends of Kasabian, who recorded parts of West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum in frontman Gren Spencer's studio, The Convolution Rooms. As Gren recalls, the collaboration came about when he played Tom some of their demos and Tom enquired why he hadn't asked him to sing on the album.[1] "Me and Tom were listening to the demo versions of our album," Gren explained. "He asked me if we could do a track, which I never thought would happen, but we were recording a week later. The guy is amazing. He has one of them voices you know? That you know is good, but also surprises you too..." Jay Mehler also plays on the EP.[2]

According to Gren, Ghosts On Crusade is about the Siege of Jerusalem: "[Tom is] supposed to be God, in a tounge in cheek way, calling to the Knights Templar to take what they want."[3]

The song was also supposed to be included on the band's first full-length album, originally scheduled for August 2011, but the release was delayed for unknown reasons.[4]


  • Ghosts On Crusade EP (2010)


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