James Morton's Porkchop is a Bristol jazz quartet, founded by alto saxophonist James Morton in 2009, that Ian is a member of.


Porkchop is influenced by funk, jazz, boogaloo, soul and gospel. The band's mission is "to eliminate the introspective and self indulgent elements that some 'jazz' music can often adhere to. We intend to bring the music back to the people."[1]

Ian plays on their 2010 debut album, Don't You Worry 'Bout That and usually participates in live performances when he is not touring with Kasabian. All the musicians are based in Bristol, often collaborating with each other for various projects and performances.


  • James Morton (Alto saxophone)
  • Denny Ilett (Guitar)
  • Ian Matthews (Drums)
  • Dan Moore (Hammond organ)


  • Don't You Worry 'Bout That (2010)


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