Frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not addressed here, feel free to contact us on the admin account Kasabianempire.

What is the Kasabian Wiki?

It is an accessible database of all Kasabian songs and releases in one place, basically an extended, more in-depth, interactive and user-friendly reincarnation of what used to be the Song Archive on the Kasabian Empire Tumblr.

Are you affiliated with the band or their official websites?

No. This is 100% a fan effort.

How do I make a contribution?

If you know your way around wikitext you can edit an entry yourself, or you can leave a comment via the form at the bottom of each page. Please make sure to include a reliable source for any information you contribute. When uploading a picture that you do not own, please credit the original source on its page as well, otherwise it will be removed. Please also refer to our style guide for guidelines on how to structure an article.

Note: Some pages can only be edited by registered users to prevent spam and vandalism, so we recommend that you register before making your first edit.

Why was my edit changed/removed?

Anyone can edit the wiki. Assume that any changes were made in good faith, trying to improve the article. If you suspect vandalism, contact one of the admins. The admins reserve the right to remove any content or pages created that do not belong on this wiki, for example articles or details about the personal lives of the band, which are not permitted according to our privacy policy.

Why are some performances missing from the tour pages?

We only list "regular" gigs, meaning no TV appearances and radio sessions, unless more than three songs were played in front of an audience, and no private gigs. For the most comprehensive list of all gigs we can point you towards

Why are some release dates wrong?

The dates listed for worldwide releases are always the UK release dates, so it may have been not the release date in your country. However, if you find a date that looks truly wrong, please let us know.

Can I use one of the pictures from the galleries?

Only with credit. Every single picture was scanned by us, which you probably understand is an awful lot of work, so if you really must repost it elsewhere please don't do so without a link back to the Kasabian Wiki.

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