Loose Tapestries are a band consisting of Sergio Pizzorno and Noel Fielding.

Noel Fielding's Luxury ComedyEdit

Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy

Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy is an E4 comedy series created by Noel Fielding. All music was written by Serge and Noel.[1]

In late 2011 it was announced that Serge had teamed up with long-term friend Noel Fielding to write all the music for Noel's first solo comedy show Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy after previously having provided Noel with music for his art exhibitions.[2] "I've never seen anything quite like it," Serge commented on the music. "It's going to bend people's minds beyond belief."[3]

In a 2012 interview with Digital Spy, Noel elaborated on the collaboration: "I worked on the demos for the songs, melodies and lyrics, and then Serge will add melodies. Some of the music he did on his own but mainly we did it together."[4]


The behind the scenes documentary, included on the DVD release of the first season, contains footage of Serge and Noel recording the music in Serge's studio. The soundtrack also features Kasabian members Ben Kealey and Tim Carter.

In an interview with NME in March 2013, Serge confirmed that he would be working on the second series of Luxury Comedy too, and in July Noel tweeted that they were in the studio.[5] The second series was broadcast in summer 2014.

Loose Tapestries Presents The Luxury Comedy TapesEdit

Loose tapestries

The first seasons's soundtrack, Loose Tapestries Presents The Luxury Comedy Tapes, was released digitally on 2 March 2012, and later on 2x12" vinyl for Record Store Day 2012, limited to 500 copies.[6]

Side A

  1. Melon
  2. Luxury Comedy
  3. The Decision
  4. Eyeball Seesaw
  5. Take your Little Black Pants Off
  6. Ghost of a Flea (Happy Birthday Song)

Side B

  1. The Jelly Fox Pt. One
  2. Surrounded by Shape Shifting Werewolves
  3. Bing Bong Changez
  4. The Jelly Fox Pt. Two
  5. Me and My Flamingo

Side C

  1. Moon Dog
  2. Mash Potato Life Shapes
  3. Spanish Brothers
  4. Swing Ball Blues
  5. Brown Hatted Son of a Bitch
  6. The Jelly Fox Pt. Three

Side D

  1. Strawberry Sunrise
  2. The Adventures of Fantasy Man (Read by Ronnie O'Sullivan)
  3. Fantasy Man
  4. Alan Hansen's Peg Bag
  5. Bye Bye Baby



The second season's soundtrack, titled N.H.S., was released digitally on 3 June 2015 and two weeks later on vinyl, limited to 1,000 copies.[7]

Side A

  1. Boombox Adagio
  2. Suck My Beans
  3. Tales from Painted Hawaii
  4. Paul Panfer
  5. Live for the Night (Cocaine City)
  6. Goblins
  7. Saving Terry
  8. Imagine a Mouse with Rulers for Legs
  9. New York Cop
  10. Don't Do Drugs

Side B

  1. Hawaiian Stingray
  2. In the Garden & The Cucumbers of Cool
  3. Dr. Doorag
  4. The Triangle Song
  5. That Friday Feeling
  6. Fantasy Zone
  7. Fantasy vs. Reality
  8. (I'd Rather Be) Plastacine
  9. All Bleeding Coming Together
  10. Can't Wait For Christmas


  • Sergio Pizzorno (Music, vocals, production)
  • Noel Fielding (Lyrics, vocals)
  • Ben Kealey (Additional synths and piano)
  • Tim Carter (Additional guitar, mixing)
  • Gary Alesbrook (Horns)
  • Dan Ralph Martin (Drums)
  • Stephen McLaughlin (Mixing, engineering)
  • Paul Saunderson (Assistant engineering)
  • Aitor Throup (Design and art direction)
  • Neil Bedford (Photography)


"The theme tune is inspired by the title track of Fleetwood Mac's 'Tusk'. We wanted it to sound like a musical, y'know, like Hair. Noel started off with this rhythm that we got off Fleetwood Mac, and the chorus is almost evangelical, kinda like The Polyphonic Spree. I wanted it to sound like a kids' theme tune. Something like Rainbow."
— Serge about the Luxury Comedy Theme
"It sounds a bit like Silver Apples and Suicide, with a strange kid of folk vocal. That's what's been so amazing about working with Noel, his ability to just sing and come up with things really quickly. 'The Decision' is AMAZING, actually. It's one of the ones where we looked at each other and were like, 'Shit, this is actually really good.' I'd be happy to go and tour that."
— Serge about The Decision
"This is sort of Beefheart-esque. It's sort of tribal but then it's also like a games teacher song. It's about a chocolate finger whose wife has died. He used to have a partner but now he only plays swingball on his own. That's why he's got the swingball blues. It's a sad story, but a great song."
— Serge about Swingball Blues
"It's a bit like Prince and it's got a bit of a Barry White feel to it, we've pitched Noel's voice right down so he sounds really deep. But it sounds more like when the police change a criminal's voice... it's really trippy."
— Serge about Strawberry Sunrise

Can't Wait For ChristmasEdit

Can't Wait for Christmas04:30

Can't Wait for Christmas

On 4 December 2015, Loose Tapestries released a Christmas song called Can't Wait for Christmas on their YouTube channel. It features actor Idris Elba, who spoke about the song in an NME interview from September 2014, mentioning that it was about two years old, and who released his own collaboration with Tom later that month.[8][9] The official video for Can't Wait For Christmas was directed by Nigel Coan, who has worked with Noel on Luxury Comedy before.[10]

In June 2015, the song was officially released on N.H.S., the second Loose Tapestries album.


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